Underwiring with profile

Metric underwiring is distinctive for its apparent contradictions: It is flexible yet firm. In its manufacture we use high-quality oil-hardened spring steel wire. The flat geometry of the wire and the oil-hardening process make the wire extremely flexible in a transverse direction and as firm as possible in a lengthways direction. The wire is fully covered with plastic coating to which it is bonded on our own machines, which we have developed in-house – producing underwiring with a soft, rounded profile, with no sharp corners or edges that might damage the fabric. And to be absolutely sure, the ends are reinforced with plastic.

Flat wire

When stretched underwiring made of flat wire tends to distort; the bottom edge of the bra can lift away from the body.


With the arched profile of the flat wire the GALBLINE is extremely stable and when stretched, adjusts to the body; the edge of the bra always fits perfectly and adjusts to every movement.

Exact to the millimetre

Your underwiring is produced on fully automatic bending machines. This means that every shape can be reproduced to maximum precision. Using this modern manufacturing technique, it is an easy matter to produce special shapes for your collection at any ti

The qualities: flat wire and galbline

The FLATWIRE quality is manufactured from flat spring steel wire. This provides an extremely firm shape.

The GALBLINE quality can be obtained only from us. This product is noted for its "automatic profile". It means that the more it is stretched in a lengthwise direction, the more the underwiring hugs the body. This feature is achieved by means of a flat, slightly arched, spring steel core. As a result the edge of the bra always sits perfectly and adjusts to every movement.